Make a convertation using Present Continous Tense, Past Tense, Future Tense, Future Continous Tense, Comparison, and Passive Voice.

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Bahasa Inggris
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Anty, Uyun, Ita are coming toward Ima and say : Hi Ima!

Ima  : Hi…

Anty : What are you doing?

Ima  : I’m looking at my photo album when I was having holiday with my friends in Senior High School.

Uyun : May I see?

Ima  : Of course!

Uyun : Wow! It’s a very beautiful panorama. Where is it?

Ima : It is Benang Kelambu Waterfall.

Ita  : It’s located in Central Lombok, isn’t it?

Ima  : yeah…

Anty : So, what are the special things that make the place interesting?

Ima  : Many special things that make the place interesting. The water falls softly, it looks like a curtain that covers the rocks so that the panorama is very beautiful. Beside that, the air is cool and many kinds of fruit grow wild there.

Uyun : It sounds interesting! How about if we make it as our destination next holiday?

Ita  : Hmmm, I think it will be better if we go to a beach. Do you know that there is a beach called “Pink Beach”. Its panorama is more beautiful than Benang Kelambu’s.

Anty : where is it?

Ima  : As I know, it’s located in East Lombok.

Ita  : You are right J

Uyun : Yeah, I heard that the sand tends to pink. In addition, the natural and cleanliness of the beach is maintained because the beach is not well known by many people so that it has not been contaminated.

Anty : Are you sure? Why the sand can be coloured pink?

Uyun : The color is caused by the breakdown of red coral are abundant there.

Anty : It makes me want to go there. It must be exciting if we take pictures there because the pink sand will make the panorama more beautiful.

Ita  : You’re absolutely right! So, how about if we go there next holiday?

All  : I agree with you!

Ima  : ah Anty, are you busy this afternoon?

Anty : No, I’m not. Why?

Ima  : I want to come to your house.

Anty : Oh, go ahead! I will be watching TV when you come to my house.

Ita & Uyun : May I join?

Anty : Of course! J


Keterangan :

Merah  : Present Continous Tense

Orange : Past Tense

Hijau  : Passive Voice

Biru  : Comparison

Ungu  : Future Tense

Abu  : Future Continous Tense


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